Terms & Conditions

Unionist Clubs Scotland

General Rules & Terms and Conditions                                 

NAME AND DEFINITIONS                                                                            

1. The entity is named “Unionists Clubs Scotland”.                                                                                      

2. Throughout this document, “Entity” is defined as referring to Unionist Clubs Scotland.                                                                                

OBJECTIVES – The principal objectives of the entity are                                                                                       

On behalf of members, network to gather voting intentions for the best interests of local club.                                                                                     

To encourage wider membership of the entity network.                                                                            

To encourage wider participation in entities initiatives.                                                                             

To encourage members to vote in elections through means of the entity network initiatives.                                                                          

The following mission statement has been established for the Company:                                                                         

New Members must complete the application form available                                                                             

Currently membership is by on line subscription set at a voluntary amount                                                                               

Have full voting rights at any entity local or national event                                                                                       

Will receive any meeting minutes                                                                             

OPERATIONAL AIMS                                                                                         

Membership is open to all irrespective of gender, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability                                                                                     

Membership is open to all irrespective of political belief                                                                         

The Entity will operate democratically and impartially when dealing with other groups and parties                                                                           

The Entity will have full transparency in relation to all matters financial                                                                                          

COMMENCEMENT OF MEMBERSHIP                                                                                  

Membership will start when the application form, annual fee and contributions have commenced.                                                                        

BENEFICIARY FROM CONDUCT OF MEMBERSHIP                                                                                   

Members are expected to adhere to all lawful standards both politically  and professionally                                                                         

Members will require to respect and be courteous to all other members and non members                                                                          

The entity reserves the right to remove membership if standards are breeched                                                                                         

REGISTRATION OF MEMBERS                                                                                   

The Entity shall maintain:                                                                              

Names and Address of all members as per the voting intention register                                                                                         

The voting intention register will comply with all relevant  GDPR regulations                                                                              

Members should, as soon as possible, give notice of any change of address, email address or telephone number.                                                                                         

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                              

The National Committee shall service for a period of 3 years from the date of an AGM                                                                                         

Nominations for office or reappointment should be in the hands of the secretary one month prior to the AGM                                                                                  

Resignation of an executive must be in writing and will trigger an emergency AGM                                                                                 

Resignation of an member will allow the national team to replace until the next AGM                                                                        

The AGM will take place in September of each year with 14 days notice of venue and time                                                                              

SPECIAL MEETINGS                                                                        

A special meeting may be called by the Company in the following cases:                                                                                     

The Executive Committee Members.                                                                                      

Following a requisition signed by a minimum of 75 percent of the total number of members registered                                                                                  

This meeting must be held within 14 days at a suitable time and venue                                    

INSOLVENCY EVENT                                                                                        

In the event of a Entity entering a dissolution event, any remaining subscriptions fees will be                                                                                         

will be distributed pro rata to an agreed charity after creditors have been paid.                                                                                         


Payments made by the Company require approval by two members of the Executive Committee.                                                                             

ASSET LOCK                                                                         

The Assets of the Company cannot be dissolved or merged with any other Company without the agreement of 100% of the registered membership in good standing          


CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP                                                                                  

Membership shall cease:                                                                               

From cessation of payment of subscription after three months                                                                          

By expulsion. 

By resignation, giving notice to the Company in writing via letter or email.                                                                                    

On death     


GENERAL RULES & SUBSCRIPTIONS                                                                                  

A copy of the Constitution will be contained on the Company Website                                                                         

A copy of the Code of conduct for office holders will be on the Company Website                                                                                 

In the event of a tied vote the chair will cast their vote                                                                               

Any amendment to the terms and conditions must have a two thirds majority for the resolution to pass.

The entity will appoint a GDPR officer to ensure full compliance with current legislation                                                                                   

No membership information can be disclosed in person or via electronic mail or on social media without the consent of the individual.

You can request removal from our systems by emailing info@unionistclubs.org.uk

Registered Office – 64 Darnley Street Glasgow G41 2SE