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Unionist Clubs

Unionist Clubs Scotland exists to empower Scottish Unionists whose voices have been marginalised by toxic Nationalism.

Our Core Aims and Values

We are not a political party. We are a grassroots movement offering support and assistance to any party that supports the Union.

Increase Engagement

We aim to increase engagement - particularly amongst working class Unionists

Expose Nationalism

We will expose the divisive effect of Nationalism on Scotland and will challenge its manipulation of the media.


We oppose more powers being devolved to wasteful local assemblies who undermine our country and are a barrier to Scotland’s development.

Scottish and British


We are in our hearts Scottish AND British. We love all of our UK and we aim to promote this mindset and encourage it in others.


It used to be said that Scotland had the best education system in the world. Under the SNP, it is now in long-term decline. As the indoctrination of our schoolchildren with nationalist propaganda continues unabated, we aim to put a real focus on our young people to ensure they have access to all the facts and not nationalist spin and lies.


We will encourage support and co-operation between all mainstream pro-union organisations.


The Unionist clubs will offer campaign assistance to groups who have the best interests of Scotland and the Union at heart.

Direct Action

We will continue to employ direct action against Nationalism, including organised protests and media releases.

Unionist Club Scotland

Get Involved Make a Difference

Unionist Clubs Scotland exists to empower Scottish Unionists - from all walks of life - whose voices have been marginalised by toxic Nationalism.

We are unashamedly proud to be both Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 AND British 🇬🇧. If you feel the same, please reach out and get involved.

Our Clubs

We have Clubs across Scotland, if you would like to join please sign up using the form above and you will be put in touch with your nearest club. If there is currently no club in your area, why not start one? Get in touch by emailing and we will help you get started.
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