Humza’s Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

As January is swiftly drawing to a close and we recover from overdoing the haggis on Burns Night along with the financial pinch of the festive season the words of the Bard’s ‘Lines Written on a Bank Note’  were never more appropriate:

Wae worth thy power, thou cursed leaf!

Fell source o’ a’ my woe and grief!

For lack o’ thee I’ve lost my lass!

For lack o’ thee I scrimp my glass!

However, as the average Scot scrimps and scrapes to make ends meet under the SNP’s destructive taxation, mismanagement of public funds and stashing cash for their perverted obsession with independence, the Scottish Government saw it fit to spend over £850,000 of your money to renovate Bute House.

Yes, The Great Unelected One sent his minions on a spending spree covering stonework, roof repairs, replacing windows and other “essential” internal work to the grade-A listed Georgian townhouse he likes to play house in and pretend he’s a credible world leader.

Whilst countless people across Scotland live in inadequate, inappropriate accommodation struggling to make ends meet the SNP decided it was fit and proper to spend the best part of £1 million of public money on their glorified Wendy House.

To add insult to injury, Hamas Yousless also rented a three bedroom flat in Edinburgh for the five months of renovations at a cost of £5000 per month.

This is the man who wants you to believe he’s for the people of Scotland. He doesn’t care. He’s another “I’m alright, Jack”. In fact the Bard continues in his poem:

I see the children of affliction

Unaided, through thy first restriction:

I’ve seen the oppressor’s cruel smile

Amid his hapless victim’s spoil;

You could almost be forgiven for thinking Burns was a clairvoyant. Humza smiles and postures as the great statesman, arranging clandestine meetings with tyrants, supporting groups of questionable integrity and squandering taxpayers money like a spoiled child in a sweet shop. All this while the people of Scotland suffer through lack of vital services and facilities stripped away through the SNP’s morbid addiction to slashing public funding at local levels.

This man is paid £170,000 per year in a job that we did not democratically bestow upon him. Add to this spending £70,000 on a trip to New York’s Climate Conference where most World Leaders wondered who he was and we wonder why Scotland has no money?

The final part of Burns’ poem is a stark warning for our future:

And for thy potence vainly wished,

To crush the villain in the dust:

For lack o’ thee, I leave this much-lov’d shore,

Never, perhaps, to greet old Scotland more.

If we allow Humza Yousaf and the SNP to continue to govern Scotland for much longer then there will be a mass exodus. We will see businesses withdraw their investments and move their operations to countries where they can operate in a financially viable market, we will see hard working people relocate to countries where they can benefit from their efforts instead of being taxed to the hilt to pay for hair brained schemes they want no part of and we will see rational, intelligent people relocate to a place where they do not fear for the safety of their children on a daily basis and can practice their traditional beliefs without fear of persecution.

The Unionist Club Scotland Chairman, Robert Elliot concludes that, “The SNP have mis-governed Scotland for almost 17 years. Through their disgusting obsession with attempting to destroy the oldest, most successful union in the world they have brought Scotland to the brink of disaster. The line must be drawn here. The Unionist Clubs Scotland will be here to support all Unionist voters in ensuring the SNP’s reign of oppression is brought to an end.”