New Year, Same Old Nationalists

We are barely more than 2 weeks into 2024 and already the SNP, along with their omnipresent lapdogs from the Scottish Greens, are further galvanising their reputation for incompetence, infighting and indifference to the real views of the people of Scotland.

The Great Unelected One has outdone himself already in 2024. Firstly delivering a speech on Independence that was, quite frankly, laughable and bordering on the ridiculous. Good old Yousless has promised Scots increased wealth and plucked the random figure of £10,200 from the Scotch Mist to dangle like some mystical carrot in front of his delusion flock of Indy-Sheep to keep them this side of the pro-independence fence.

Whilst he failed to elaborate on where this figure came from he made such bold claims that the SNP would not be raising taxes or public spending in an independent Scotland. Hypocrisy of the highest calibre from the very party who have now driven Scotland’s economy to the brink of collapse in the coming year by warding off any potential future investors with the highest taxes in the whole of the United Kingdom.

This will come as no surprise as the SNP don’t exactly have a commendable track record when it comes to finances. After all this is the party who are being investigated for misappropriation of funds, the party who have ring fenced taxpayers cash for IndyRefs they’re not legally permitted to hold, blown countless millions of taxpayers cash on ferries that still haven’t sailed and, in the last few weeks, have now disclosed they borrowed a total of £15,000 from our second favourite camper van enthusiast, Peter Murrell over 5 years ago and forgot to mention it to anyone.

Alongside this we have the petty need to delay implementing the UK’s Legislation on XL Bully Dogs simply so they don’t appear to be agreeing with Westminster, the hypocrisy of finding pieces of the Stone of Destiny stuffed in a cupboard in their HQ despite how they worship this stone like it’s some sort of magical weapon against The Union and the fact that Joanna Cherry is demanding Mhairi Black apologise for saying some of their MP’s are ‘too comfortable’ in Westminster lest she risk losing the security of her £86k salary.

The rhetorical question is simply – Are these really the sort of people we want to run and represent Scotland?

Humza seems to think so. He’s even out on his soapbox already bragging how he wants the SNP to take all of the Westminster seats from the Conservatives in the next General Election.

Don’t let this man’s fantasies become reality. We can put an end to this morbid pantomime the SNP have made of Scottish politics and the best way to do that is to take action and vote in the upcoming elections.

Unionist Club Scotland Chairman, Robert Elliot states “The SNP are not invincible. In the past they have gained victories through the inactions of pro-union voters. This year will see a General Election and it is vital, if you wish to see an end to the SNP’s destruction of Scotland, that you vote! In 2024, The Unionist Clubs Scotland, through their voter registration programme, will be working to help pro-union voters ensure they are registered to vote and will guarantee their vote is cast and their voice is heard. The SNP have been allowed to indulge in their delusional fantasies for Scotland for far too long. Let’s make 2024 the beginning of the end for their regime.”