Inherent Toxicity of the SNP on Full Show as MP Defects to Conservatives

Dr Lisa Cameron’s defection is just one more sign that the SNP’s once perfect facade of a party in solidarity is well and truly shattered.

Since Humza Yousaf’s meteoric and unelected rise to power as First Minister his party has begun to show their true colours. Humza’s inability to keep the lid on the SNP’s internal affairs has peeled back the curtain for us to see what lies behind. A collective of deviants, bullies and freeloaders hellbent on destroying our country for their own twisted gains all whilst stepping on anyone who dares to get in their way. Even their own party members.

Dr Cameron has spoken to the press about how her ordeal within the ranks of the SNP and as a result of the “toxic and bullying” experience had led her to seek counseling and there was a “significant deterioration” in her health and wellbeing.

Unionist Club Scotland Chairman, Robert Elliot stated “In only a matter of weeks we have gone from stalwart SNP member Fergus Ewing being silenced for speaking his mind and rightly daring to question the integrity of the unelected “Limo” Lorna Slater to one of their MPs crossing the floor to the Conservative Party. If this doesn’t highlight just how fractured and in turmoil the SNP are then what will?”

Are these the sort of people you want to govern Scotland? Bullies. Hypocrites. Unelected individuals whose focus is on fanatical pipe dreams rather than real issues, affecting real people. The constituents of Rutherglen and Hamilton West have spoken. They no longer want to be misrepresented by the SNP. Dr Cameron has spoken and left behind the poisonous realms of Humza Yousaf’s SNP circus. It’s time for the rest of Scotland to have their say and change our government for the better.

Only once Scotland is free from the toxic grip of the SNP and their numerous nefarious agendas will we be able to see prosperity return to our industries, businesses and communities.

It’s time for change Scotland.