SNP Defeat Signals Change

SNP’s Defeat Signals Change is Coming for the People of Scotland.

The people of Rutherglen and Hamilton West have spoken and shown the SNP that their time is truly running out.

In recent weeks the cracks within the SNP/Green coalition were showing more than ever. With the election of Labour’s Michael Shanks by more than double the votes for SNP’s Katy London, voters have driven a wedge into those cracks and it’s now only a matter of time until their toxic chokehold on Scottish politics is shattered.

Chairman of the Unionist Clubs Scotland, Robert Elliot stated “I am truly delighted with the result. The SNP’s defeat in Rutherglen and Hamilton West sends a clear and concise message that the Scottish people have had enough. Enough of the SNP’s empty promises, enough of their lies and enough of the divisive and damaging schemes and plans that do nothing to benefit our local communities and businesses.”

The overwhelming defeat of the SNP in Rutherglen and Hamilton West shows the critical importance of pro-UK tactical voting.

This by-election is a crucial first step in shifting the path of Scottish Politics away from a collision course with disaster. Only you, the voter, can change our devolved Government to one which will work with the rest of the United Kingdom rather than against it simply to cause more division.

Scotland needs change. Only then can we begin to rebuild our economy and our communities and return prosperity and unity to our cities, towns and villages.