SNP Hires ‘Zero-Hours’ Workers to Leaflet in By-Election

In a desperate attempt to saturate the Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency with their propaganda leaflets the SNP have resorted to paying people to get the job done. Effectively employing people on ‘zero-hour’ contracts to do their dirty work for them.

This blatant show of hypocrisy may come as no surprise to many of you but the fact that former Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon claimed in a past manifesto that they would “crack down on zero hours contracts” shows nothing but contempt for the people of Scotland.

Robert Elliot, Chairman of Unionist Clubs Scotland stated “This is the classic ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mantra of the SNP back on full show for the world to see. All too often have we seen SNP Ministers command us and chastise us for our actions only for them to directly contravene their own rules and expect us to sit back and do nothing like the good little sheep they want us to be.”

The very fact this by-election was triggered by a public petition to oust ex-SNP COVID rule-breaker Margaret Ferrier should be all the evidence you need to see clearly that the SNP don’t care one iota about the people of Scotland.

They care only about their pocket lining schemes and morbid little fantasies of independence no matter the cost to our nation or the damage to be inflicted on future generations.

No reasonable person wants to live under a two-tier system. However, unless we as a nation take action to vote out the SNP that’s exactly what the future holds for us all.

The SNP have done enough damage to Scotland. It’s time for change.