SNP Secret Police Closures

SNP’s Clandestine Plan to Close Every Police Station in Rutherglen and Hamilton West

Last night saw the bombshell that Police Scotland’s top brass are planning to close Rutherglen, Cambuslang and Blantyre Police Stations due to SNP Government cuts to Police Scotland’s funding.

It’s understood that this proposal, named Project Quest (after Lanarkshire’s Police division “Q”), was circulated to bodies including the Scottish Government earlier this year but has yet to be finalised.

It comes as no surprise that the SNP have tried to keep these proposals secret as we approach a crucial by-election in the very constituency affected by these closures. The SNP will do anything to hide their true nature as they desperately try to claw back votes after the shameful COVID antics of Margaret Ferrier once again exposed the hypocrisy of their party and the sheer contempt they show for the people of Scotland.

Police Scotland faces the need to axe jobs and reduce the force’s “estates” just to keep their head above water. It’s little wonder that crime is rising across Scotland when the SNP can’t even fund our police adequately.

Closing local police stations not only reduces a clear police presence, which acts a deterrent to crime in the first place, but will also potentially increase police response times to areas and could lead to a breakdown in community links with police. This in turn can affect people’s relationships with police officers and lead to tensions that could easily be avoided.

Unionist Clubs Scotland Chairman, Robert Elliot stated “This secret proposal is just further evidence, not only of the incompetence of the SNP and their Scottish Government Ministers, but also of their contempt for the people of Scotland. They would rather divert vital funds to pipe dreams and schemes that the majority of people simply have no need for, gambling with the safety and security of our communities rather than invest in the services that we need and want.”

The people of Rutherglen and Hamilton West have the chance to send a clear and concise message that the SNP and their underhanded and deceitful practices are no longer welcome in Scotland. Only through voting can we reclaim Scottish Politics for the good of the Scottish people by driving out the toxic and divisive SNP and electing a Scottish Government who will actually work with the rest of the United Kingdom and return prosperity once again.