Supreme Court Ruling

Five Law Lords, who make up the United Kingdom Supreme Court, today unanimously ruled that under the Scotland Act 1998, the Scottish Parliament does not have the legal authority to hold an independence referendum.

Of course, Nicola Sturgeon knew that the question of a second referendum was a reserved matter but having whipped her core support into a frenzy by promising them a referendum in October 2023, she needed this ruling to deflect attention away from her misleading her flock and to pursue her campaign of grievance politics. Whilst secretly delighted with the Supreme Court ruling, her inevitable response will ensure her followers continue to pay into the SNP coffers. She and Ian Blackford both opined that democracy had been denied to the people of Scotland. Sturgeon then went on to declare that the next general election would be fought as a De Facto referendum on independence. Given that nationalism has consistently failed to poll more than one third of the vote at previous elections, perhaps Sturgeon should explain the rationale behind her mantra that Westminster is denying Scotland democracy.

It is high time Sturgeon and her sycophantic cheerleaders park this independence nonsense once and for all and get on with fixing the mess they have created.

The Union of the United Kingdom we will maintain! 🇬🇧