Press Release

Press release from the Unionist Clubs Scotland (UCS)

On Tuesday the First Minister will outline her plans for ‘Indyref 2’ without the need for legal approval.  What a farce this is becoming.  All the opinion polls are telling her there is no appetite for another divisive referendum. There are far more important matters to be dealing with, but narcissist Nicola knows best! 

The Unionists Clubs Scotland (UCS) are calling on all pro-union parties to grow a backbone and boycott any debates or talks on Sturgeon’s latest vanity project.  When the First Minister stands up in parliament on Tuesday, all pro union politicians ought to send her a clear message that they will not participate in her fantasy referendum by walking out of the chamber.

The First Minister’s time would be better spent addressing Scotland’s current brain drain as our most talented young people are leaving in their droves to find better opportunities elsewhere, mostly in England.  This must stop! Scotland deserves so much better and the sooner we return to bread-and-butter politics, the sooner we can build a better future for all of us.

The United Kingdom we will maintain!