David & Goliath

Opinion piece by Niall Fraser

Scotland is in a state of perpetual turmoil under the SNP and it’s cult-like kamikaze mission to break up the UK. Many of us know this or have known this for a long time but yet there doesn’t seem to be a consensus amongst the rational thinkers of Scotland in how to tackle this Goliath.

Many budding “Davids” tried courageously to strike that final blow on Goliath, myself included, but all sadly have failed in their attempts. After many many failed solo attempts some chose to band together (All for Unity) to raise an almighty army to put an end to Goliath’s reign of terror…or perish trying. Enough was enough.

Last year All for Unity (A4U) stood boldly on the political battlefield, tents pitched, torches lit preparing for the assault on Goliath only for long established enemies of Goliath to turn their slingshots on A4U.

Scot Tory MSP Murdo Fraser took a shot, calling A4U “Nicola’s little helpers’ ‘ undermining support of the plan to take down Goliath.

Someone determined to take down Goliath would never oppose others attempting the same thing. Instead Fraser attacked those taking aim at the nationalists and in doing so Murdo actually aided Goliath.

Still politically naive I was confounded by these attacks, why would those who supposedly shared our aims of ousting the nationalists, turn their guns on us? Were they not sincere in their aim? Or are they simply protecting their positions? Well it would seem I’ve arrived at the conclusion: In the weird and wonderful world of Scottish politics, David would rather sit in Goliath’s court than oppose him.

Fast forward to today, it would seem that once the elections were done with, salaries secured for another term, Murdo reverses his position.

Strong words from Murdo here – “Electoral oblivion” unless the pro-uk cause unites to defeat Goliath.

Getting down to brass tacks and the purpose of writing this piece in the first place. I am confident that I can bring the very “oblivion” that Murdo speaks of and break the electoral impasse Scotland finds itself mired in. The neverendum hamster wheel is spinning so violently now that Scotland is being vibrated apart.

My issue with the SNP isn’t at all just about their pursuit of a further inevitably divisive referendum but the damage the SNP are doing right now, this very moment. Right now before our very eyes our NHS is buckling and at severe risk of total collapse. How many more Scots will we need to see die waiting for ambulances before something changes? We top the European tables for drug deaths, a stat that should bring immense collective shame upon us all. Our education system is being used not to the benefit of Scots but against Scots. Pupils in Scotland are more likely to be learning their LGBTs over their ABCs. True academia doesn’t exist in Scotland anymore, the country that brought forth the enlightenment is now the country of ignorance.

Something must change. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Scotland needs a different party to combat this very unique challenge of reversing the damage done by the SNP and of course battle the upcoming challenges of hyper-inflation and food shortages that the SNP haven’t even bothered to tell you about yet!
Importantly Scotland needs a party that the people can trust, interact with, and rely upon.

A restored All for Unity, building upon our manifesto, offers the singular force to oppose Goliath that Scots are crying out for. Ideologically you couldn’t slip a fiver between say Jackie Baillie and Douglas Ross. Likewise there is virtually no significant difference between any Scottish Labour/Libs/Con politicians. So why do we need different coloured capes?

Illustrating my point about the slim-at-best ideological differences between the opposition parties – our local minority councils are battering out deals – Stirling council seems to have a deal between the Red and blue mortal enemies Labour and Tory? (Hold on a minute, I thought Anas had ruled out any such deals?) We are looking at another 4 years of destitution and rubbish piling up for Glasgow after the newly elected greens and SNP seem to have thrashed out a deal.

There is a unique malignancy in Scotland where the majority of voters have had their wishes ignored for years because of this impasse. Reinstating a functioning and effective administration in Scotland has become far more urgent to most voters than slavish adherence to traditional party lines.

If Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar and Alex Cole-Hamilton persist in refusing to combine forces to take on the nationalist Goliath then the emergence of a unity party will become an inevitability.